Pre-forum training workshops

05th February 2013
The workshops target participants with intermediate to advanced level of understanding in Artificial Lift Technologies and will focus on practical exercises and best practice / new-tech cases in an interactive setting

All the three courses will be running parallel to each other and will be delivered through a dedicated instructor, among them are:

Course One Topic

Electrical Submersible Pumps (General Electric Company)

Course Outline

  • Oil Well Basics
  • Pump Basics
  • Pump Variable Speed Operations
  • Motor Characteristics                                                                            
  • Seal Theory of Operation
  • Intake and Gas Separator
  • Power Cable
  • Downhole Monitoring
  • Surface Electrical Equipment
  • AMP Chart Reading and Interpretation
  • ESP Operational Life

Course Two Topic

Sucker Rod Technologies (Weatherford)                                                          

Course Outline

  • Overview of Rod Pumping
  • Major System Components
  • Designing a Reciprocating Rod Pump System
  • Daily Operations and Troubleshooting                                                                                                                                     
  • Reference Information\

Course Three Topic

Artificial Lift Selection (Baker Hughes)                                                                                                          

Course Outline

  • Artificial Lift and Technical Limits
  • Well Performance and Artificial Lift
  • Artificial Lift Selection Process
  • Onshore Field Examples (Libya, Kuwait, Uganda)
  • Artificial Lift Design Best Practice Guide                                     
  • Offshore Field Examples (North Sea)