The Middle East Artificial Lift Forum (MEALF) is a major event that focuses on the increasing use of artificial lift technologies in oil production operations throughout the Middle East region.
The forum was established for the purpose of creating a platform to effectively encourage the use of Artificial Lift technologies in the oil industry. It endeavours to provide the best technical solutions while creating a worldwide knowledge sharing and best practice centre to meet the future needs of the industry. It promotes a sense of community among artificial lift users and provides a venue for the exchange of ideas and experience.

The three-day MEALF event is organised by a technical committee, which is made up of artificial lift experts representing operators, technology suppliers and manufacturers.

The main conference will consist of presentations and forum discussion sessions as well as an exhibition of related technology and services. An optional pre-conference training workshop will be held on the 10th of December 2019. MEALF 2019 will feature high-profile speakers whose technical presentations will focus on all aspects of artificial lift as an important component of oil production activities. In addition to the presentation of technical papers, MEALF 2019 will also feature an exhibition at the sidelines of the forum. The exhibition will showcase all the equipment, technologies and services related to artificial lift operations. As with the forum itself, the MEALF 2019 exhibition will keep all delegates abreast with the latest products and the newest technologies that are now available in the market.