11th & 12th December 2019

MEALF will feature a one-day pre-forum training workshop, a two-day forum highlighting emerging technologies in oil recovery methods, and an exhibition of oil-related equipment, technology and services. Over 25 technical specialists from the oil and gas sector will deliver presentations on:

  • New Technology
  • Artificial Lift Standards (ISO, API RP)
  • Artificial Lift System Reliability
  • Surveillance Automation & Optimization
  • IoT in Artificial Lift (Big Data)
  • Building Capabilities in Artificial Lift Industry
  • Renewable Energy in Artificial Lift
  • Power Quality & Energy Efficiency in Artificial Lift
  • Unconventional Resources Lifting & Deployment
  • Best Practices in Safety & Environmental in Artificial Lift
  • Economic Model Strategy in Artificial Lif
  • Artificial Lift Cycle