1. In these conditions, the term Exhibitor means the signatory of this application and includes all participating employees or agents of such, and the term Exhibition means that described on the reverse hereof “The Organiser” means MCI Company.
  2. When payments for space are not made when due, the organizers reserve the right to charge loss incurred by the organizer arising thereon.
  3. Applications for space must contain details of the proposed exhibit and the names of other companies represented by the Exhibitor whose products are to be shown on or whose services are to be referred to on the stand. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse participation to any Exhibitor.
  4. The charge for space is exclusive of any applicable local Government or exchange and will be subject to alteration in the event of any change therein. A notice signed by the organizers and sent by recorded delivery to the address on the applications form shall be sufficient notice of such amendment to the contract which shall otherwise remain binding in all respects.
  5. The organizers shall have full power to determine in every respect the allocation of area and position of space and they shall be entitled for any to vary the general layout or the situation and area of any particular stand even if already allotted and the exhibitor shall accept such new allotment of space in substitution of that originally allotted. However, the orgnizers should notify the Exihibtor proir to any change by minimum 7 days from the date of the Exhibition opening.
  6. Upon the allocation of space, a contract shall arise between the organizers and the exhibitor in terms of these conditions subject to variation as mentioned as regards space allotted.
  7. Every exhibitor shall occupy the space allotted to him by 8:00 a.m. on the day prior to the opening of the exhibition
  8. In the event of any exhibitor committing an act of bankruptcy or if a limited company being wound up, the contract with him shall be determined and all monies already paid shall be retained by the organisers.
  9. Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or grant license in respect of any part of the space allotted to them nor any advertisement of firms who are not bonafide exhibitors to be exhibited on any stand. Only those products, services and companies mentioned on the application form may be incorporated in the stand.
  10. Exhibitors will be totally responsible for the cost of restoring to its original condition any part of land or structure occupied by them which has been altered or damaged in any way.
  11. Exhibitors shall be totally responsible for the obtaining of visas as may be required to enable them, their servants, agents, representatives, invitees or others to attend the exhibition and in no event shall there be any claim for damages or otherwise against the organizers of any loss or expense relation there to.
  12. The organizers will not be responsible for the safety of any exhibit or property of any exhibitor, or any other person, for the loss of, or damage, or destruction to same, by theft, or fire, or other cause whatsoever, or for any loss or damage whatsoever sustained by any exhibitor, by reason of any defect in a building caused by fire, storm, tempest, lightning, national emergency, war, labour disputes, strikes or lockouts, civil disturbances, explosion, inevitable accident, force majeure, or any other cause not within the control of the organizers, whether ejusden generic or not, or for any loss or damage occasioned, if by reason of the happenings of any such events, the opening of the exhibition is prevented or postponed, or abandoned, or their own stand fittings, and for their proportion of the shell scheme stand, as the exhibitors are advised to cover themselves by insurance in respect thereof to any extent available.
  13. In no event shall the exhibitor have any claim for damages of any kind against the organizers in respect of any loss or damage, consequential upon the prevention, or postponement, or abandonment of the exhibition, by reason of happening or any of the events referred to in condition 11 or otherwise, or of the exhibition building becoming wholly or partially unavailable for the holding of the exhibition for reasons beyond the organiser’s control. If, in the opinion the organizers, by re-arranging or postponement of the period of the exhibition, or by substitution of another hall, or building or any other reasonable manner, the exhibition can be carried through, the contracts for space shall be binding upon the parties, except as to the size and position necessary shall be determined by the organizers. If the new allocated space is less than the agreed by 50%, the Exhibitor has the right to reimburse upto 30% of the amount paid to organizers.
  14. Stands must be properly manned and exhibits displayed during all the time that the exhibition is open to trade visitors and the public. No exhibits may be removed before the end of the exhibition without the written permission of the organizers, which will only be given in exceptional circumstances.
  15. Breach of contract and withdrawal by the exhibitor – without prejudice to the rights and remedies of the organizers in respect of any breach of the contract on the part of the exhibitor, the organizers may at their discretion allow the exhibitor to withdraw from the exhibition subject to the following conditions:-
    1. The exhibitor must give a written notice to the organizers that he desires to withdraw.
    2. Any such notification by the organizers to the exhibitor will constitute a cancellation of the contract subject to the payment by the exhibitor to the organizers of a consideration for release from the contract.
    3. The amount of such payment will be specified in the organiser’s notification to the exhibitor and will be that proportion of the space rental payable under the contract specified in the second column below which appears the period date in the first column below upon which the organizers receive the notification from the exhibitor.
    4. Upon payment of such amount to the organizers by the exhibitor (credit being given by the organizers for all rental already paid by the exhibitor), the contract shall be cancelled and neither party shall have any further claim against each other.
  16. Particular attention is drawn to the relevant safety standards which must be strictly observed for any exhibits involving lasers or radioactive materials, or materials which might provide noxious fumes or which make use of or display any other materials which may involve danger to the health or safety of any person. No such materials may be brought into the exhibition without prior agreement in writing of the organizers and also the exhibitor or person arising from the use or display of such materials. An exhibitor’s manual will be issued to the exhibitor containing detailed instructions for the organization of the exhibition.
  17. Stand rentals may be paid for in US$.
  18. Claims: The organizers cannot accept any complaint or claim against them unless it is submitted in writing to the address given on the previous page within two weeks of the closing



Date of Receipt by Organizers of Notice of Withdrawals Proportion of Space Rental Payable %
More than 6 months prior to the opening of the exhibition 25%
6 months to 4 months prior to the opening of the exhibition 50%
4 months to 2 months prior to
the opening of the exhibition
Less than 2 months prior to the opening of the exhibition 100%